Virtual Tour v1.0 Full Tech Demo

Ever since we found Pannellum the door was opened for us to explore creating web-based interactive virtual reality. By combining the already present hotspot features in Pannellum and selecting an appropriate lightbox plugin (Featherlight), we’re now technologically capable of integrating our team’s existing audio-visual expertise into a virtual experience. In the viewer below, just look to the right to see examples of embedded images, iframes, videos, and moving to another location.

We’re currently exploring the most appropriate content to use as our premiere of this technology and also to benchmark the production process so we can add it to our product suite.

The viewer still needs to be updated to respond to viewers moving their mobile device (like YouTube and Facebook 360 ) but until they catch up, this does the job quite well.

We’re also looking at making the “loading” message and hotspots more customisable.

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