The Trilogy Nears

In 2011 we started a journey to something that was always going to lead to something much bigger. In this case it was a short film trilogy based on the concept project Saint Michaels Alley. The trilogy is meant to set up the world that the project takes place, constantly recognizing the key characters without ever showing them. Even when the movers and shakers of the Alley aren’t present they are still making an impact on others as the trilogy will show you.

The first film shot in 2011 was ‘The Hooker and the Henchman’ which featured the talents of Lauren Lovelace and Matt Zappala. Shot on a rainy and cold night in November 2011 the story follows Zappala’s ‘Beck’ as he attempts to recruit a young ‘Lucia’ (Lovelace) to turn against the self proclaimed queen of the Alley.

In 2012 we began on the second project ‘The Wild Couple’ which included the amazing ensemble of Luke Ledger, Andrea Addison, Nick Britton and Jeremy Levi. Ledger and Addison play the Wild Couple, a pair of guns for hire who walk into the wrong bar looking for the next pay day.

It took until 2015 before we were able to hit the final straight with the last installment ‘The Kingpins Daughter’. Ethan Tomas, Jared De Har and Shannon Timms lead the talents in this cat and mouse game about a young girl on the run. This film changes the pace of the first two installments with less dialogue and heavier action.

This trilogy has kept us on our toes with constant obstacles and set backs along the way. From a cast member having last minute pre-shoot surgery, to constant recasting and even a location delaying the third installment by four months. It’s been a ride.

No challenges are ever overcome without having a sensational team behind you.

Producer Johnny Ma who lead from the front in all three films. He got everything sorted from locations to crew, from meals to almost controlling the weather, No John Ma, No SMA trilogy.

Cinematographer George Davis who once again uses his trademark shooting style on all three films. He has truly defined the look of Saint Michaels Alley in a way no one else could.

Alana Starcevich, our awesome Production Designer who still to this day has blown my mind with what she did on ‘The Hooker and The Henchman’. Hands down amazing!

Composer Damien Greenwood. His score speaks for itself, he has helped create an atmosphere for this project that is unrivaled in my mind.

There are so many more names who are and have been a massive part of this trilogy. Peter McIntosh, Rachel Markus, Michelle Barber to name a few more who have had a part in multiple films in the trilogy.

It’s been a long ride, but in a few months the trilogy will be released and we’ll leave the last five years of work out there for the public eyes. Stay tuned folks!

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